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Applications Developer, Software Engineer, and overall technology enthusiast. I've been a programmer and problem-solver for nearly two decades, and have honed my skills in a wide array of industries. Learning something new is a daily routine. My work is also my greatest hobby! It's important to invest the time necessary to call yourself a "Geek" - it's a standard to live up to. I constantly strive to be amongst the best in my field.

I enjoy working with people on intensely challenging projects. Nothing is more satisfying than the dynamic between engineer and customer, providing a quality solution to the problem at hand.

I believe software development is an art. It's not enough to simply get something working; it should also work well and stand the test of time. It should be done quickly and effectively, but also with great quality. The solution should not only serve your needs well, it should provide a rock-solid foundation for future growth.

A good Geek won't shy away from a challenge, won't crack under pressure, and has the creativity required to solve complex problems, sometimes with an unusual approach. If you need a good Geek, please feel free to get in touch with me, whether it's just to "talk shop" or see if there is something I can help you with.

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